Budget HUD for each car

In the past, Head-up Display systems were installed only in the most expensive car models, but now they can be installed in any car. There are more and more devices on the market, based on functional displays and many useful options.

One of them is a product called Hudway Glass, which, thanks to the cooperation with the smartphone, provides us almost the same functionality as in the case of factory HUD systems, but does not drain to the end of our portfolio, because it is offered at a very affordable price.

Hudway Glass is a compact body with a plastic transparent lens that is installed on the dashboard of our car. Its functionality is inextricably linked to a smartphone that simply inserts into the enclosure. And thanks to the lens, the information displayed on his screen is displayed directly in front of the driver's eyes. The system shows the directions of the GPS navigation system, and with the accelerometer built into the smartphone, we can see the current speed of the car.

Unfortunately the device is not powered additionally, so it has some limitations in terms of brightness, contrast and image quality. Manufacturers warn that in full sun the smaller details may be less noticeable, but to avoid this simply do not reload the screen with information.

Huddle Glass will appear on sale in March next year and cost $ 49. -glass-keeps-your-eyes-on-the-road This is not a product that can match the quality of the HUD factory kit, but for the price you should not expect miracles.

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