Sony Is Bringing The Music Player Back To Life

So some car and make sense in a way as to where the company will soon. Make a stab at it opens with the sort of toe-tapping confidence that many listeners will be. Paramount universal and Warner will also spin Super audio CD player and CD player. To impart the required Maestro font on your […]

NASA ceases to be interested in the earth

The American Congress has finally approved a new NASA budget. The agency has $ 19.5 billion to spend over the year. Most of this money will go exclusively to space missions. Although NASA is essentially a space agency, it has been pursuing a number of projects that have also been linked to our planet over […]

Budget HUD for each car

In the past, Head-up Display systems were installed only in the most expensive car models, but now they can be installed in any car. There are more and more devices on the market, based on functional displays and many useful options. One of them is a product called Hudway Glass, which, thanks to the cooperation […]

Smartwatch used to download on the exam

Students entering the exams, in case of insufficient knowledge, will always try to help with the collection and change only methods. Years ago, these were drawings in the form of small notes printed in fine print, but now we have a modern technology that makes it much easier. A group of Thai students decided to […]

Hackers can disrupt US elections

The FBI warns state electoral committees against attacks by hackers. According to representatives of the office, they are made by specialists sponsored by the Kremlin. This may be preparations for disruption of the November presidential election. The United States some ten years ago introduced an electronic voting system that allows you to cast your vote […]

Pandora will become a rival for Spotify

Pandora’s online radio wants to turn into a music service. The service would compete with such services as Apple Music and Spotify. It is unofficially known that the project is already very close to completion. Pandora’s Internet radio has so far acted in its own market niche, in which it managed quite well. However, the […]

The new iphone 6 pictures show the speakers

The closer to the date of the official presentation of iPhone 6, the more the network appears on its report. This time one of the sites presented the speakers of the new Apple phone. Although the official launch of both models of iPhone 6, which you can read in this article, will take place only […]

Sweden forbids flying drones with cameras

The Swedish Supreme Court has just taken a decision that can completely kill the drones market in this country. New regulations forbid flying equipment equipped with a video camera. So the ban applies to virtually all models available in stores. The popularity of drones has become a growing problem for lawmakers. These machines have cameras […]

The US allows Baidu auto testing

The United States has become the Baidu Chinese company, the latest experimental field for testing autonomous vehicle technology. The company has received approval from the US government for this purpose and will be checking its latest BMW 3 Series based design. Baidu is a Chinese giant specializing in global network ventures, one of the world’s […]

Apple Watch will help people with Parkinson’s disease

Apple plans to expand the functionality of its smartwatch. Apple Watch can be a medical device in the near future. Company engineers are investigating the possibility of using it to monitor Parkinson’s disease. When first reported on Apple Watch, Apple’s smartwatch was said to be a device with advanced medical capabilities. None of these gossip […]