Hackers can disrupt US elections

The FBI warns state electoral committees against attacks by hackers. According to representatives of the office, they are made by specialists sponsored by the Kremlin. This may be preparations for disruption of the November presidential election.

The United States some ten years ago introduced an electronic voting system that allows you to cast your vote in a variety of elections without leaving home. Technology was designed to make life easier for citizens and accelerate the counting of votes, but it can now be a source of problems.

The FBI warns election committees against hacker attacks. At least two state electoral databases have already been penetrated by cybercriminals, so the office warns the others to strengthen the security level. The FBI says the databases are being attacked by hackers sponsored by the Kremlin, who may be preparing to disrupt the November head-of-state elections.

In July, the voting system was closed down in Illinois after hackers hacked into it, stealing personal information from over 200,000 voters. Similar burglary occurred in Arizona, although personal data was not stolen.

Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson announced the necessary assistance in securing the voting system. Federal cyber security experts will be sent to the commission to check the computer systems for vulnerabilities.

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