NASA ceases to be interested in the earth

The American Congress has finally approved a new NASA budget. The agency has $ 19.5 billion to spend over the year. Most of this money will go exclusively to space missions.

Although NASA is essentially a space agency, it has been pursuing a number of projects that have also been linked to our planet over the past years to better understand it. In the future, however, they will not be developed, as almost all the money received from the US government will go to space missions.

The US Congress has just approved a new budget, giving NASA $ 19.5 billion. The budget adopted without any opposition focuses almost exclusively on travel and space research.

Some of the money received will be spent on the Orion and SLS programs, as well as the unmanned missions scheduled for next year. The agency will also allocate funds to send man to Mars by 2030.

In addition, NASA will increase the presence of man on a low Earth orbit, and will also handle supersonic airplanes and travel related projects. Many resources can also be spent on the Asteroid Redirect Mission, which aims to capture asteroids flying close to our planet. For the time being, the program is still under question because it is unclear whether it will eventually be approved.

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