Smartwatch used to download on the exam

Students entering the exams, in case of insufficient knowledge, will always try to help with the collection and change only methods. Years ago, these were drawings in the form of small notes printed in fine print, but now we have a modern technology that makes it much easier.

A group of Thai students decided to help themselves in passing one of the exams and instead chose to devote their time to studying, they decided to use modern technology. So they came equipped with glasses with a video camera and smartwatche.

Some students were interviewed and, using a video camera in their glasses, recorded exam questions and then sent them to the second group sitting in front of the room. This immediately searched for the correct answer and immediately forwarded it to the smartwatche of the first group.

For the misfortune of their students, their clever plan was discovered, and the fraudsters hit the black list. Other test participants will also not be satisfied with their classmates because the exam will be repeated at a later date.

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