The new iphone 6 pictures show the speakers

The closer to the date of the official presentation of iPhone 6, the more the network appears on its report. This time one of the sites presented the speakers of the new Apple phone.

Although the official launch of both models of iPhone 6, which you can read in this article, will take place only on 9 September for a special purpose organized for this purpose, however, in today's few things are kept secret.

The media with their channels is getting more and more information about the expected product and this time we managed to reach the speakers that you can see on the site, specializing in providing us with the latest news from Californian products.

On the above site, you can see a comparison of the iPhone 6's components with the iPhone 5s speakers, which, as you can see, are quite different from the previous model. It is unknown at this time whether or not it will have any impact on the quality of the generated sound, but it is more likely that the loudspeaker has been redesigned to fit the new enclosure. Previous leaks suggest that instead of two rows of guards will appear single row, but with larger holes.

Speaker components are not the only elements that can be viewed there. The site also includes photos of smartphone buttons including the Home button, motherboard, front panels, SIM card trays, and many other components.